Welcome! I’m happy you are here. I ‘m Nasreen; cook, writer and photographer of this blog. I am from Malabar region of Kerala where I did most of my days including schooling and college. I am an Electrical Engineering graduate, now settled in Bangalore with my husband and my 1.5 yr old daughter.

 food blogging

After the birth of my daughter, I stayed at home to look after her. When she turns to 6 months we relocated to Bangalore. That was a big change for me, new place, new people, everything seems weird. Gradually I used to it and felt better, then I was thinking of something  interesting and creative to stay active and thus I entered into world of blogging. This is the most exciting part of my life, and now going for sleep with a great satisfaction.

My passion

During my childhood I grew up by helping my mother (my great cook). I am the eldest one, so it’s all my responsibility to help her, thus spent time in kitchen. I looked so curiously while my mom cooked food. Slowly started making snacks, curries and get into baking, but at that time I doesn’t realised that cooking was my passion.

The second phase, the real cooking was after I met my husband (a foodie and my food critic). I realised my passion for cooking after the relocation to Bangalore. Before that I was not confident to make a whole main course for my husband’s family. I used to stand behind my MIL and wrote her recipes in my cookbook. Yes! my cooking dairy became my dearest friend. Wherever I go, my cookbook will be there with me.

Food and photography

Food is a very important and personal thing and the taste also differ from one person to other. My tastes are definitely going to be different from yours. Use your quantity according to your taste (add, subtract, and substitute ingredients).If you are new to cooking, I hope my step by step pictures helps. Most of my recipes are borrowed and adapted or inspired from another source, but I try to put my own signature for every recipe.

I’m a self taught photographer and still learning. Posting a recipe starts from deciding the recipe, purchasing the ingredients, preparation, cooking, step by step photos, food styling, food photography, editing photos, writing the post, publishing the post, finally the most horrible part ie cleaning the mess. I thoroughly enjoys  all the steps except the last one.

I hope you all enjoy my work. Share your feedback and suggestion with me, I like to hear from you because it means a lot. Thank you so much for spending your time.  






5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi chef
    I am Rashad, Hope no need of introduction, anyway let me remind you We are from a common ‘maternal root’.
    Let me know you i am also a great food lover and an enthusiastic kid in travelling, knowing different places, cultures and ofcourse their cuisines.
    Insha allah, want to have your dishes as soon as possible.
    And let me re remind you that our grand father was the one who owned first restaurant over decades ago in our homeland. That’s what I mentioned our maternal root have this much significance here.
    And he introduced the entire area an excitement in their taste buds.
    Wishing you a great future to to be an exciter of taste buds to your hubby and the Rest :D.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Sumith for your lovely comments. Very happy that you like my work. Thank you for stopping by.You too got an amazing blog with food art really amazing. Keep going!


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